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Zivil Reg.
Mil. Reg.(93+94)

This helicopter was manufactured in November 1983 and registered in East Germany to the Nationale Volksarmee as NVA-426 and operated by the KHG-57 from December 2nd, 1983 till 1986.

Operated by the NVA-426 to the HSFA 5 from 1986 till 1990.

Re regd. in Germany as 93+94 to the KHG 5 from 1990 till 1991.

Re-registered. as 93+94 to the Hfs 80 from 1991 till 1994 as SOC.

The helicopter was stored as PWFU from 1994 till June 27th, 1995 in Basepohl.

It was sold to private, Campingplatz Seeland from June 27th, 1995 till June 1996.

Again sold to HeliDrome Leonardo Da Vinci also known as (ABIG Helidrome) from June 1996 till ?

Opening hours are Wednesday till Friday from 14.00 till 17.30hrs.

Saturday till Sunday from 10.30 till 17.00hrs.

Helidrome is now reported closed!
The helicopter has been reported removed since at leased 2008? The buildings have been broken down.

This frame was noted stored first with fake marks as (93+09) and SAR titles during November 2010 inside the Lions Air Hangar at Zuerich in Switzerland. Still there in January 2011 with its rotor blades and tail boom removed.

fall The main fuselage only without wheels was given as a gift to the Autohilfe Zuerich, G. Zuber at Wallisellen and noted there in the car park from June 2012 till March 2016.

This was moved in July 2016 and repainted to all-over black with falls H-01 markings by the Cobalt Project Paintball from August 2016.

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Autohilfe Zuerich Autohilfe Zuerich Autohilfe Zuerich Autohilfe Zuerich Autohilfe Zuerich Autohilfe Zuerich
Autohilfe Zuerich Autohilfe Zuerich Autohilfe Zuerich

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