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Serial Number47549
Civil reg.ET-AVF
Mil. reg.

This helicopter is build since June 1986 and registered in Germany to Reiner Zemke - Rhein-Ruhr Helicopter GmbH & Co KG as D-HTEN from September 1996 till August 1997.

Re registered in Germany to Schider Helicopter-Service GmbH as D-HTEN from August 1997.

Reported to be cancelled during 2002 as on export to Slovakia. ???

Video 1 from Jens Jassens shows D-HTEN departing the old Klinikum in Hildesheim on the 20th of October 2006.

Restored and cancelled again since 08.06.2010 as reported for exported to Argentina but was not delivered.

This was then regd. in Spain to FAASA Aviation S.A. as EC-LHK from 14.09.2010 till May 2014 as exported to Austria.

Restored in Germany again by Schider Helicopter-Service GmbH to D-HTEN from May 2014.

Refurbished completely with new paint by SHS Helicopter Transport at Waidring in Austria and was in full swing during February 2015.

Video 2 sows her during November 2015

Registered on the Solomon Islands to Helicorp Pty Ltd as H4-HSA (2) from January 2017 till October 2017.

This became then regd. in Ethiopia and operated by Trans Nation Airways as ET-AVF since October 2017 and was noted en-route at Split in Croatia on the 10th of October 2017. Trans National Airways is one of the companies under MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Group and it is one of the privately-operated airways in the country.

This was owned by MIDROC Ethiopia Technology Groups subsidiary company Trans Nation Airways and was crashed around Bole Bulbula in Addis Ababa near Bole International Airport on the 26th of April 2019. The helicopter departed from Bole International Airport that morning with two pilots and five passengers onboard when its pilot made a crash landing coming to rest on its left side with substantial damage on a residential house because of engine failure. All were safely evacuated.

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