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Serial Number7552
Civil reg.D-HNWO
Mil. reg.

This IFR helicopter was re regd. in Germany to the Land Nordrhein-Westfalen v. durch den Innenminister as D-HNWO with Mode-S Hex: 3DF73E and came to service since 26.10.2004.

It went to the United Kingdom on the 12th of January 2005 for its re equipping to police use.

Re regd. in Germany as D-HNWO to the Landesamt f?r Zentrale Polizeiliche Dienste (LZPD NRW) since the 30th of June 2007.

Video 1 Shows a report of this helicopter in action at Hitdorf during February 2012.

It was noted for the first time decorated with a blue stripe since the 5th of March 2013.

New callsigne Hummel 16 since July 2016. Last flight as such was on the 17th of June 2017 with a 37:05 minutes flight.

Offered for sale via Air Corporate s.r.l. Villafranca Di Verona (VR), Italy Contact: Sanaa Essalih, Phone: +39 045 860 0910 since August 2017 with a TTSN of 5380hrs and it?s last flight on the 19th of August 2017.

Equipped for single and dual pilot IFR-operation. (Day and night).
All existing identifications and emblems relevant to the former use as state aircraft will be removed or covered and the fixed provisions for the tactical equipment will be delivered as ?not serviceable? items. Inspection Status
Fresh 6000 fh/ 6 years inspection Specifications.

Arriel 1E2 #1: 6108hrs
Arriel 1E2 #2: 3171hrs

Avionics/ Radios
Digital Automatic Flight Control System (DAFCS); DME KDM 706; Ryan TCAD-System; Bendix King KI 204; Helimap GPS-System with Moving Map Nav-Ind. KPI 553A; 2x VHF/ NAV King KX 165; ICS- 4x Becker ACU 6100; Altitude Ind. KRA-405 and ADF King KDF 806.

Additional Equipment
Emergency Floats Fixed Provisions; Main Rotor Blade Folding Kit; External Loudspeaker System ?NAT?; Pulsed Chip Detector System; Fixed Landing Light; Scavenge Oil Filters; High Density Seat; Search and Landing Light; Long Range Fuel Tank; Strobe Light and Fixed provision and wiring for Wescam 16-DSM, FLIR Star Safire HD and SX-16.

TTSN of 5964hrs till the 13th of February 2018. Still stored at DUS on the 5th of February 2021.

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Hansair Tony Draps Frank Vorwerk Frank Vorwerk Frank Vorwerk Frank Vorwerk
Frank Vorwerk Frank Vorwerk Frank Vorwerk Frank Vorwerk Frank Vorwerk Frank Vorwerk
Frank Vorwerk Frank Vorwerk Frank Vorwerk Fabian Degele Fabian Degele Fabian Degele

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