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The last monthly update was on July 6th, 2021. Due to family reasons, I can add additional helicopters only bit by bit for the time being. I hope you understand since this is still a one-man show.
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Please check out some datasheets here at Current list which are almost complete for representation to my friends and other helicopter enthusiasts worldwide.
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Thank you interest, please note that some parts of the helicopter data may not be complete. In case you like to share some info or photographs of a specific helicopter please fell free to pas them on to me. We would be very happy to add these information into the details section of this helicopter. There for we have created this table for you to mark your topics. Please add always the construction number and ore registration regarding the helicopter you talk about, so it will be easer for me to pin point the aircraft in the database. Digital Photographs should not be smaller as 300kb and if possible with its camera information still active. Slides and paper prints may be sending by registered post. Photographs will keep the copyright by its photographer or company, and will not be given to others. Photo requests will be past on to you directly from me.

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