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61 to 70 of 104 helicopters found in the database.
Please note, it could be the case that not all helicopter informations are complete in this database. So if you like to share some information regarding a helicopter, we would be very happy to add your additional info to the database. Please contact me via Email.
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1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 >>
Photo C/N. Mil. reg Civil. reg Type Mfd Country Operator Crash
no preview 47549   ET-AVF  Bell B222U  1986  Ethiopia  Trans Nation Airways  26.04.2019 
no preview 0042   F-GRVB  Robinson R.44 Astro  1994  France  Associated Heliclub De L'Aveyron   
no preview 3517   F-GTEB  Robinson R.22 Beta 2  2003  France  Les Oiseau de Nuits   
no preview 0420   F-HMNI  Airbus Helicopters EC135T3 H135  2005  France  Babcock Mission Critical Services France   
no preview 0780   G-IJNK  Robinson R.44 Clipper  2000  United Kingdom  Anthony Wood   
no preview 10491   G-INDX  Robinson R.44 Clipper 2  2004  United Kingdom  ICE London Aviation   
no preview 5483   G-NBPL  Aerospatiale AS355F2 Twin Squirrel  1991  United Kingdom     
no preview 0372   G-ODOC  Robinson R.44 Astro  1997  United Kingdom     
no preview 12305   G-OTJS  Robinson R.44 Raven 2  2008  United Kingdom  Kuki Helicopter sales Ltd   
no preview 11115   G-PGGY  Robinson R.44 Clipper 2  2006  United Kingdom  EBG (Helicopters) Ltd   

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