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Serial Number10505 / 0623
Civil reg.(ZS-RUB)
Mil. reg.

This helicopter departed from Kazan on August 15th, 1968 via. Rjasan - Tula - Wilnius - Warschau and landed after a 16hrs flight at Berlin Schoenefeld as the 2nd Mi-8T on August 17th, 1968.

It was registered in East Germany as DM-SPB (2) to Interflug in August 1968.

On June 23rd, 1969, this helicopter was operated in the CSSR for external transport operations when it clipped threes with its main and tail rotor blades after a sudden loss of altitude during a flight near Skebske/ Pleso. It was repaired and back to service on July 3rd, 1969.

The helicopter had experienced during April 1975 an engine failure. The pilot was able to land the helicopter with minor damage near Profen-Nord.

This was then re-registered in East Germany by Interflug to DDR-SPB from 1981 till August 1990.

The helicopter was again substantially damaged on July 7th, 1982 after its right engine had failed during lift-off near Wilhelmshorst. A hard landing was made. Back in service after repair on April 9th, 1983.

On August 4th, 1987 the helicopter was engaged in external transport operations to dismantle a 25-metre metal chimney at Delitzsch. The chimney broke below the part to be lifted off, and thanks to the pilot's skill the 2 workers on the chimney were able to climb down to safety. The helicopter crew made a controlled load down with no damage to the helicopter.

It was then re-registered as DDR-SPB to BSF from September 1st, 1990 till October 2nd, 1990.

Then re-registered in Germany as D-HOXB by BSF Hubschrauber Dienst GmbH from October 3rd, 1990 till April 14th, 1992 as canceled and PWFU at Schoenefeld.

Removed during April 1992 and preserved till December 1997 with the Aeropark Museum Diepensee at Diepensee near Schoenefeld in Brandenburg.

This museum in Diepensee was closed and sold off by the VEBEG in 1997 as its investor had moved.

In December 1999, this was sold to private near Mannheim.

Note that this helicopter is presented with the Sammler und Hobbywelt and later in August 2008 repainted to ZS-RUB as preserved at Alten-Buseck in Germany. It was replaced from its field onto a low concrete pole sometime in 2009 and was noted last in July 2013.

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