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Serial Number1320
Civil reg.YU-HEY
Mil. reg.

This helicopter was registered in France to Heli Union Investissements SA as F-GEHF from November 3, 1983, till January 21, 1987.

Re-registered in France to private as F-GEHF from January 21, 1987 till December 16, 1993.

Re-registered in France to Societe D'Exploitation D Helicopteres (SEH) as F-GEHF from December 16, 1993, till March 20, 1996.

Re-registered in France to Sarl Azur 1 as F-GEHF from March 20, 1996.

This helicopter was used in the following Film as F-GEHF

Film: Sixpack made in 2000.

Then re-registered in France to private as F-GEHF from March 7, 2001, till July 4, 2005.

This helicopter has been registered in Serbia & Montenegro to Martin Wood Helicopters D.o.o. as YU-HEY since January 11, 2006.

Its CofA will expire on June 23, 2011.

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Nick Daepp Frank Vorwerk

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