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Serial Number58.1672
Civil reg.OB-1840-P
Mil. reg.

This helicopter was regd. in Canada as C-FISH (2) to Sitka Helicopters Ltd from 29.11.1993 till 22.02.2012. It was exported to the USA since the 26th of February 2001.

The helicopter was also re regd. in the USA to Obrien International Inc as N37723 from 19.02.2004 till 13.03.2006 as exported to Peru.

This helicopter while regd. in Peru as OB-1840-P to Helicopteros del Cusco SA had departed from Mazuco in the Amazon region of Madre de Dios at 17.21hrs on Wednesday evening the 6th of June 2012 bound for Cusco but there were no records of it having landed and was declared missing in the Hualla Hualla region at about 4.725 metres ASL
Eight passengers from South Korea with one from Sweden, Czech and one Dutch with one Peruvan and its two Peruvian helicopter crew members on board.
Mountain rescue services were searching the area for the missing helicopter. Bad weather had hampered the search in the 4700 metres high mountain region. During Saturday the 9th of June 2012 searchers have found the wreckage which was destroyed by fire about 140 Kms away from Cusco. There were no survivors in this accident.
The names of the deceased were published by the Agencia Peruana de Noticias as Viajaban Anto Ruiz, Bustapson Benge Anderz, Thois Young Hwan, Dusek Tomas, Kin Hoy Jun, Wuo Sang Bae, Kin Byungdal, Yoo Bongdar, Kupper Erick, Jeon Hyo Geon, Leen Hyung Suk, Rim Hee Wook and its crew with the pilot Alfredo Sober?n and Luis Echegoyen (Copilot).

We wish to express our sympathy to all the families and friends of those involved.

The company's homepage has been now blocked as this Sikorsky helicopter was the only helicopter they had operated.

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