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Serial Number3861
Civil reg.HB-ZGR
Mil. reg.

This helicopter was regd. in Switzerland to Perugo GmbH as HB-ZGR from 18.07.2005 till 30.08.2006.

When re regd. in Switzerland by MR Flugbetriebs AG as HB-ZGR since 30.08.2006 was substantially damaged during its auto rotational landing approach on the grass runway while on a training flight during the 9th of April 2009 at the helicopters base airport of Bern/ Belp. The flight instructor had suffered slight head injury and his student was thankfully not injured. The helicopter remained upright with damage to its landing skids, tail boom and main rotor blades.
The Bern airport fire brigade secured the accident site. According to the media, there was no danger of leaking fuel liquids. The information on the cause of the hard landing is not known at this time 10.04.2009. The incident is confirmed by the air accident authorities (AAA) to be investigated.

Cancelled as PWFU since 27.04.2010.

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