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Serial Number569342085
Civil reg.D-HZPL
Mil. reg.

This helicopter was regd. in East Germany as NVA-322 to the HS 16 from August 985 till September 1990.

Re regd. in East Germany to DDR-VGH by the ZPFlgStff from September 1990 till December 1992.

Re regd. in Germany as D-HZPL to the Police of Th?ringen from December 1992 till September 1993.

D-HZPL to the PHStff Bran from September 1993 till 2004.

It was canx. as SOC and PWFU since 2004 and preserved as a gate guard next to the Police of Brandenburg main building at Sch?nefeld airport.
Sold to private in an auction.

The helicopter was transported to the Luftfahrthistorichen Sammlung Finowfurt (museum) and put on display there since 2005.

Moved to Hangar 5 during 2008. Still there in June 2016!

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