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Serial Number13146
Civil reg.
Mil. reg.NVA-569

This helicopter when regd. to the East German Nationale Volksarmee as NVA-569 was in service from 1963 and was the last Mi-4 helicopter in use till the 21st of January 1979 as SOC.

This was prepaired for preservation by the HG-34 after SOC and handed over to the KHG-67 on the 1st of December 1981.

The General Major from the LSK, Mr. Baar? had a fable for former military aircraft in use by the Nationale Volksarmee and established a memorial at Bautzen were this helicopter had been transported by road to and placed as preserved till about 1990.

Transported to the Luftwaffen Museum der Bundeswehr in Berlin Gatow since 1995. with change of name to the Milit?r Historisches Museum (MHM) since the 1st of October 2011. Repainted since 2017.

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